Saturday, November 05, 2005


I am sick of people complaining about the BCS. Granted, it is biased, unfair, and generally a controversy waiting to happen, but I don't know what else we can do. Give me a break with the +1 system. There are 5 teams that are undefeated as we speak. 2+1=3. That isn't a solution, its not a quick-fix, it's stupid, and that is all there is to it.

Playoffs sound reasonable, but they aren't. Take an 8 team playoff. If it happened right now, Boise State would be #9 and wouldn't make the playoffs. This would probably not stir anything up. People would say "see, it works." But Miami was #9 last season. Why would Auburn have deserved any more to be in the NC than Miami to be in the playoffs? Strictly speaking in percentages, Miami would have more of a right than Auburn.

Part of life is that sometimes you get left out. It isn't fun, but it happens to everyone. Growing up I was told that sports build character through victory AND defeat. Everyone can't get what they want or else it wouldn't be sport. I say we sit back and enjoy the show. Let's let the law of averages handle this one.

Johnsonless Hogs

The Johnsonless Hogs took the field for the first time this season against South Carolina. As expected, much like the Dickless Hogs, a ball-control offense was used and we lost in a close one. However, improvements were made. Casey Dick looks like he just might be an SEC QB. This was his first PT ever and he did a pretty good job. Definitely don't expect a quarterback controversy this season.

Can anyone tell me why Randy Kelly ever gets to play? In one single drive,
Randy Kelly a)dropped a sure interception in Cock territory, b)caused Anderson's Pick-6 to be called back because he decided that throwing his receiver to the ground was his best defense and was penalized for it, and c)dropped a sure interception in the end zone.

That is bush-league. Matterral Richardson makes those plays. Where is he? As I understand it Kelly is better against the pass and Richardson against the run. Prove it. I've never seen any evidence. Randy Kelly belongs on the bench. He is a nice backup, but not a starter yet. Put D-Poole back there if nobody else wants to do it.

I don't like position switches but what about D Howard at OLB. He isn't being used right now at TB, and depth is always welcome on defense

Friday, November 04, 2005

Casey up to Bat

Who is Casey Dick? Why is he starting at quarterback for the Razorbacks? What happened to the rest of the quarterbacks? Can Dick be successful?

Casey Dick is true freshman quarterback from Allen, tx. He was rated the #13 dual-threat qb in the country as a senior in high school last season. He was also rated the #70 player overall in Texas. Hopefully he has improved, because this is the SEC, and RoJo and A-Mort obviously can't handle it. Rojo does not make decisions well enough and Mortensen has no strength in his arm. Dick can be successful if we stick to the run and don't ask him to throw deep posts and read the safeties.

Football teams can't switch quarterbacks during the season or its certain doom. This circumstance is different. The season was doomed by the quarterback. Arkansas is at its low. It gets no worse from here. A change had to be made. We know the 2 at the top of the depth chart can't do it. And maybe it doesn't make any sense to start a quarterback Saturday just because he couldn't beat out the two he is passing up. Doesn't matter. Something had to be done. It's like going all-in blind when your short-stacked. Something has to happen. The status-quo is worthless. Changes must be made. Casey Dick must start at qb Saturday. Not RoJo or A-Mort. End of story.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I wanted to be on your deal but I didn't know what to do. Oh well, maybe we can figure it out.

The beloved Razorback basketball team is at a crossroads this season. On one hand, we have numerous highly-regarded recruiting classes in uniform, but on the other Stan hasn't seemed to be able to develop any of it. Does this remind you at all of Rollin' Nolan? Different system, different shoes, but same recruit 'em and let 'em play attitude. Stan and Broyles think that bringing in a seasoned has-been headcoach will help the game situations, which remains to be seen. If it doesn't, say good-bye to the same guy we worshiped four years ago.

But it will work. What Stan has put together is a basketball team with height, athleticsm, leadership, and experience. The kids from last season's dissapointment are now the men who are charged with returning the Hogs to Glory, if there ever was such a place.

Understand, winning is a two-edged sword. Hootendale can't go an hour without a question about his faltering program, and all because he won ten games his first season. With Ford's recruits. Fast-forward eight years and you have a man who is afraid of his own shadow, and feels that every comment directed at his team is toward him, which is not true. Hootendale needs to hang on for another year, because the future is bright.

Arkansas may not ever win another national title. They may not win an SEC title for 10 seasons. But Hootendale gives us as good a chance as any. Hiring Steve Spurrier doesn't magically change anything, look at the Cocks. It doesn't give you more than twelve D-1 ball players a year. Spurrier would still have to recruit Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, as would Butch Davis. Ask Mack Brown what he would do if he could only have 7-10 in-state players a year.

Get off the man's back, he has a job to do.